Loungefly Episode 7 items!

Loungefly has added two new Star Wars items, featuring images from The Force Awakens! The coordinating tote bag and wallet features characters and starships from Episode 7. Both made from faux leather,the tote bag is priced at US$60.00 each, while the wallet is priced at US$38.00. Loungefly has also added the recently revealed floral ‘sugar skull’ stormtrooper and Darth Vader coin purses, priced at US$20.00 each (Loungefly only ships within the US).

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Loungefly - The Force Awakens tote bag (front) Loungefly - The Force Awakens tote bag (back)

Loungefly - The Force Awakens wallet (front) Loungefly - The Force Awakens wallet (back)

Loungefly - floral sugar skull Stormtrooper coin purse Loungefly - floral sugar skull Darth Vader coin purse

Photos sourced from and belong to Loungefly.