More Loungefly sneak peaks

Loungefly has released two more photos of upcoming Star Wars items – while the first is very much a teaser photo that shows a small section of embossed detail, the second photo clearly shows two embroidered ‘sugar skull’ coin purses (noted as ‘coming soon this fall’). The ‘sugar skull’ stormtrooper and Darth Vader designs are already available on a variety of Loungefly items, so this is great news if you like your handbags/wallets/coin purses to coordinate. As I already own a few Loungefly sugar skull stormtrooper items, I’m very excited to learn more about that coin purse!

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Loungefly - upcoming Star Wars item sneak peak Loungefly - upcoming 'sugar skull' Star Wars coin purses

Photos sourced from and belong to Loungefly.