Her Universe at Celebration

Her Universe was one of my first stops for Star Wars fashion at Celebration Anaheim. I am so glad I braved the lines at opening on the first day, so I could buy the items I wanted. Every time I walked past during the rest of the convention, the booth had huge lines of shoppers. Her Universe only had their new collection for sale at their booth, together with the ‘My Hero R2-D2’ and ‘Dark Side Darth Vader’ jewelry collections. A bit of a shame if you had your eye on something older on their website and were hoping to pick it up in person, but I can understand the desire to focus on the new collection – it was a huge hit! I saw the new Her Universe items being worn all around the convention, in particular the cardigans and lightsaber skirt.

Her Universe - Bad Guy Hearts dress Her Universe - Bad Guy Hearts dress Her Universe - Bespin pin up dress

The Bad Guys Heart dress features art by Sam Skylar, with an orange collar and trim – though it looked more red in earlier photos. The Ewok bag is super cute, I definitely had to buy one. The booth featured changing rooms at the back, so you could try on the pin up dresses to decide your correct size before purchasing (very useful as these two woven fabric dresses don’t stretch). The t-shirts and cardigans were displayed on the left back wall of the booth – the Ahsoka Lives t-shirt was also a slightly different colour tone that I expected based on earlier preview photos (more grey than blue). It was really hard to narrow down my shopping list, but I’m really happy with the items I bought – I’ll have reviews up as soon as I can!

Her Universe - t-shirts and cardigans Her Universe - Pin Up dresses and lightsaber skirt

As I mentioned in my earlier post, all the new collection items are available to buy on Her Universe’s website except the Vitruvian AT-AT t-shirt and Lightsaber skirt. I’m not sure if those two items sold out at the convention or perhaps they will show up at another stockist soon? They didn’t have my size in the Hoth pin up dress, so I rushed back to my hotel room and ordered one on-line. A little frustrating that I had to pay shipping after travelling internationally to buy in person, but at least I didn’t miss out completely – I would have been heartbroken to miss out on those gorgeous dresses!

Ashley Eckstein hosted a Her Universe fashion show on the Celebration Anaheim StarWars.com live stream, watch the video below for a great look at the new collection being modelled by fans.