Her Universe AT-AT cardigan preview!

Her Universe - women's AT-AT cardigan preview

Ashley Eckstein has shared a preview photo of a new Her Universe x Star Wars AT-AT cardigan coming soon! In a similar style to the earlier X-Wing cardigan, this new version features 2 AT-AT vehicles, facing each other. It is a little too hard to tell if the AT-AT designs are embroidered, or the length of the sleeves (3/4 length like the X-Wing cardigan, or full length like the Han Solo cardigan). The design is by freelance artist Ashley Taylor – I love AT-AT designs used for apparel/accessories, this cardigan is definitely on my wish list!

Professional attire? I have a business meeting but who says I can’t show off my geeky side at the same time?! #starwars @ashley24taylor #comingsoon

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Her Universe - women's AT-AT cardigan preview

Photo sourced from and belongs to Her Universe.