Day 1 at Celebration Anaheim

It’s been a great first day at Celebration Anaheim! I haven’t taken as many photos as I wanted to yet, as I was trying to purchase all the new and exclusive apparel items on my shopping list. The convention floor is very busy, I didn’t even get a thorough look at the booths I did get to, there was just enough time to grab that item on my wish list before heading to the next store on my list. I’ll definitely have a proper look and take lots of photos tomorrow – now that I have the new releases and exclusives on my wish list, I’m keen to see what else there is available!

My first stop this morning was SalesOne LLC, for the exclusive pendant (advertised as limited to 200, but the sign had been changed to say 100). These pendants were unfortunately not shipped in time for customers to have in hand, so SalesOne are taking orders/payment at the show and shipping the pendants for free (within the US) as soon as they arrive, which should be in a few days. I also bought the gorgeous new ‘I love you – I know’ bracelet. I asked about the matching rings, but they didn’t have them in hand at that time, so I’ll be stopping by their stand tomorrow to check them out, and maybe buy a few more items from their fantastic range!

Celebration Anaheim - SalesOne bracelet and Her Universe ewok bag Celebration Anaheim - Body Vibe charms from Thinkgeek

My second stop was of course Her Universe – which is usually my first stop but they didn’t have a limited edition exclusive item for this convention (like the R2-D2 charm). I had written down measurements before hand, to decide on sizing for the new dresses – they have a very useful sizing chart to help customers get the right size. A lovely staff member helped me work out the best sizing for each of my purchases – which included the Bespin pin up dress, lightsaber skirt, Imperial cardigan, X-Wing cardigan, lightsaber t-shirt and Ewok bag. I also wanted to buy the Hoth pin up dress, but found out they didn’t have those with them (or at least, the size I wanted) at the convention. All the new items are now available on the Her Universe website so I’ve placed my order for the dress (really don’t want to miss out on that one). If there’s anything on your wish list from the new range, I wouldn’t wait long to purchase them as there’s a good chance items will sell out quickly. Her Universe was a very busy booth today, it’s great to see so many other female Star War fans eager to add more gorgeous Her Universe items to their wardrobe!

Celebration Anaheim - Her Universe booth

My third stop was Thinkgeek, to check out the new Death Star charm. They have a display case with all the Star Wars charms they stock, and two promotions – buy any 3 Star Wars charms, get 1 free, and a free leather charm bracelet with every charm purchase. I had already planned to buy the Death Star charm, so I made use of the promotion to pick up other charms on my wish list. So I’ve added the Death Star, TIE Fighter, Rebel Alliance logo and Imperial logo charms to my collection.