Two necklaces at Hot Topic

Hot Topic has added two new Star Wars necklaces to their website. Both necklaces are silver toned – one features a stormtrooper helmet pendant, the other features a Boba Fett helmet pendant. Due to the price point, I believe these are made by Bioworld (rather than Body Vibe). The style matches the Boba Fett earrings also made by Bioworld which are still available from Hot Topic. The range finder on the Boba Fett pendant is on the wrong side in the photos – without seeing the item in person, I can’t tell if that’s a photo editing error (image flipped) or an error with the item itself (the latter would be unusual, as Bioworld has made many Boba Fett items correctly). Priced at US$8.50 each, they are currently on sale for US$6.80 each as part of Hot Topic’s 20% off on-line sale – Hot Topic can ship internationally.

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Hot Topic - Stormtrooper necklace Hot Topic - Stormtrooper necklace Hot Topic - Boba Fett necklace Hot Topic - Boba Fett necklace

Photos sourced from and belong to Hot Topic.