Star Wars socks for women

At the 2012 Star Wars Celebration VI convention in Florida, I came across a booth selling Star Wars socks for women! They had sold out of the popular R2-D2 design, but I picked up an awesome pink/gold Rebel Alliance pair, and a black/silver Imperial pair. They are an officially licensed Lucasfilm product, distributed by HYP – my pairs have the Star Wars Celebration logo on the underside.

Star Wars socks from Celebration convention Star Wars socks from Celebration convention

Naturally when I got home from the convention I searched around for more information, and not long after, the same designs plus more showed up on They sell them in bundles of two pairs for US$6.99 (each pair a different design) or the whole set for US$22.99, whereas the ones I purchased at the convention were available in individual pairs. I am definitely keen to add more to my collection – though I’m unclear if Thinkgeek’s product is exactly the same as the ones I have, they don’t mention if they have the Celebration logo on the sole as mine do (so I assume they don’t, but hey – another reason to buy more, so I can compare them!). For people with larger feet than me (women’s US6 is below most men’s sizing), Thinkgeek also stocks a variety of men’s Star Wars socks – exclusive argyle socks, crew socks, and a second style of crew socks.

Ladies socks from Thinkgeek

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