Rubber bracelets at Hot Topic

Hot Topic has a growing range of Star Wars rubber bracelets available on their website. While not as fancy as fine jewelry, these bracelets are a great casual way of adding some Star Wars to an outfit. I find rubber bracelets ideal for conventions when I don’t want to be worried about delicate jewelry catching on something in the crowds. Usually US$7 each, they’re all currently priced at US$5.60 in Hot Topic’s 20% off on-line sale.

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Hot Topic - Watercolor Characters Rubber Bracelet Hot Topic - Trust Me I'm A Jedi Rubber Bracelet Hot Topic - Jedi Academy Rubber Bracelet Hot Topic - Darth Vader Floral Rubber Bracelet

Hot Topic - Trooper Rubber Bracelet Hot Topic - Insignias Rubber Bracelet Hot Topic - R2-D2 Rubber Bracelet

Photos sourced from and belong to Hot Topic.