Review – SalesOne LLC bangle

While at Celebration Anaheim, the SalesOne LLC booth was at the top of my shopping list. They had recently revealed a new ‘I love you – I know’ collection, and I was very keen to buy the bangle from the set. I was torn about getting the matching pendant as well, but I feel the Möbius strip design works the best for the bangle – with such a huge array of amazing Star Wars jewelry, I had to narrow down my choices somehow! I paid US$65 for the bangle, which came in a little branded box.

Body Vibe - 'I love you - I know' bangle

While visiting the booth again later that weekend, I overheard someone asking about the bangle, and was told the larger size had sold out, only the small was still available. I was a bit surprised, as I was not told about the different sizes when I bought mine. After a bit of research on-line since Celebration and measuring, I confirmed it is the size small (described as 7″ compared to the large of 7.5″). A little disappointed to not be given the option to compare the two to decide on the right size for me, but there’s not much I can do. It’s a bit of a squeeze to put on/take off, which I was okay with before I was aware of another size. The internal circumference is approximately 18cm – I am surprised the size ‘large’ is only a half inch bigger in circumference. But those issues aside, the bangle itself is beautiful. The placement of the words and Rebel Alliance logo along the sides works so well. It is a perfect accessory for that subtle Star Wars touch – I do prefer having both lines on the same item. I love the romantic meaning – this would be a wonderful anniversary gift. So far Entertainment Earth is the only retailer I have found who has this listed – it’s currently available (in both sizes) for pre-order for US$49.99.

Body Vibe - 'I love you - I know' bangle Body Vibe - 'I love you - I know' bangle