Review – R2-D2 zip up wallet

Bioworld - women's R2-D2 zip up wallet

Back in November, Hot Topic added this women’s R2-D2 zip up wallet to their website. Usually priced at US$16.50 each, I picked it up for US$9.00 during a sale. It it unfortunately out of stock at Hot Topic, but it is available to order from Entertainment Earth for US$16.99 each, or from Amazon sellers for around US$14.00 each. R2-D2 is a common theme for Star Wars apparel, so I was keen to pick up a coordinating wallet that could possibly double as a small clutch.

Bioworld - women's R2-D2 zip up wallet Bioworld - women's R2-D2 zip up wallet

The R2-D2 wallet is made from vinyl, with printed and embossed designs. The wallet has the ‘front’ design of R2-D2 printed on both sides, in that the front and the back of the wallet are the same. I really like the silver accents, they’re quite eye catching. The main outer zipper has blue backing, with silver ‘teeth’ and silver-toned metal zipper pull, which matches the colour scheme nicely. Inside, the wallet is lined with blue nylon fabric, and features 2 bill/receipt pockets, 12 credit card pockets, and a central zip up pocket. I don’t use cash much, but I do prefer wallets that have a zip-up compartment, and I like the larger number of card slots.

The white portions of the outer design are a matte finish, which is easy to write on with pen, so I would recommend being a little careful about marks. While I can fit a smart phone inside, this wallet isn’t really suitable for storing thick items, especially when full of cards/cash etc. The wallet measures approximately 11cm wide, 20cm tall, and 2cm deep. It’s size means you can use this as a slimline clutch, if you don’t have too many items to carry. While this wallet won’t replace my favourite go-to clutch (my metallic droid wristlet), it’s a cute addition to any R2-D2-themed outfit.

Bioworld - women's R2-D2 zip up wallet Bioworld - women's R2-D2 zip up wallet (interior) Bioworld - women's R2-D2 zip up wallet