Review – R2-D2 jewelry

Review – R2-D2 jewelry

In early May 2014, Her Universe released the ‘My Hero R2-D2’ jewelry collection. Made in the USA by The Sparkle Factory, the R2-D2 jewelry collection includes nine items – and while I loved the collection, the price point combined with US-NZ conversation rates meant I couldn’t afford to buy my favourites when the collection first launched. Thankfully, these items didn’t sell out quickly, and I was able to purchase a few items earlier this year.

All three of these items are still available from Her Universe – R2-D2 mod ring (US$35.00), R2-D2 pendant bracelet (US$40.00) and R2-D2 star drop earrings (US$40.00). Also, the ring and bracelet are available together as bundle for US$65.00 – saving US$10.00. I bought all three items during the Her Universe sale at Zulily back in June, so I paid US$80.97 for all three (saving US$34.03 off the original retail of US$115.00 for all three items).

Each item came packaged inside a purple organza drawstring bag, with purple ribbon ties. Inside each bag is a white cardboard backing card with the Star Wars and Her Universe logos – but only the earrings are attached to the card, the bracelet and ring are loose and not attached to the card. This packaging is quite pretty if giving these as a gift – though I do wonder why the bracelet wasn’t attached to the card, as it just sits at the bottom of the bag (I arranged it neatly for my photos instead).

IMG_3427ms IMG_3435m IMG_3437ms

The R2-D2 mod ring is silver coloured, with a central pendant featuring R2-D2 against a grey ‘star burst’ style background. The print of R2-D2 is clear and quite detailed – all the details are blue, except for black and red lights/’eyes’. The back of the ring is stamped with the Star Wars logo, Her Universe logo, and the standard Lucasfilm copyright text. The main oval decoration part measures approximately 27mm by 20mm (and 5mm deep). The band measures approximately 5mm wide – the approximate internal diameter of the band as it arrived is 18mm, but it can easily be tightened or widened with gentle force. The band is very sturdy – it overlaps underneath the main decoration, so it opens/adjusts on top of the finger, rather than underneath the finger when worn. It is very comfortable to wear – the large pendant makes this a statement ring, but it’s not heavy to wear. The Her Universe website notes the materials are – Rhodium silver plated white metal ring base and Lucite cabochon.

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The R2-D2 pendant bracelet features the same R2-D2 design on a plastic pendant – but the bracelet’s pendant is smaller. Also, the plastic pendant is more recessed within the silver coloured setting of the bracelet, compared to the ring. The bracelet pendant measures approximately 20mm by 15mm (and 4mm deep). The back of the pendant is stamped with the same logos and copyright information as the ring. The bracelet chain is attached to each end of the pendant – the section ‘below’ R2-D2 ends with a standard lobster claw style clasp, while the section ‘above’ R2-D2 has a length of adjusting chain (with wider chain links). The full bracelet measures approximately 18cm long, with a further 5cm for adjusting. I can comfortably wear this bracelet at it’s shortest length – I was worried that the pendant would ‘swing’ underneath my wrist when wearing, but the fit means it doesn’t move on it’s own without being tight. Of course this will vary depending on your own wrist size, but jewelry chains can be easily shortened if desired. I’m always looking for more Star Wars bracelets to add to my collection, I really like the slender design of this one. The Her Universe website notes the materials are – Rhodium silver plated white metal, steel and Lucite.

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The R2-D2 star drop earrings again feature the same R2-D2 design as the bracelet and ring – the earring pendants are the same size as the one for the bracelet. The back of each pendant features the logos and copyright text. The silver coloured pendant setting has a silver star at the top, while each earring hook includes a clear crystal-style glass bead. I love this little touch of sparkle to the design – the curve of the earring hooks mean this bead can’t slip off, which is great. The Her Universe website notes the materials are – Rhodium silver plated white metal, glass, Lucite and titanium posts.

Overall, I love this set – but I was happy to be able to pick these up on sale. I was worried they might look a little ‘plastic’, but they are better than I was expecting in person. There is so much more licensed Star Wars jewelry available today than compared to when this collection was first released – but there are not many coordinating sets like this one. There are several other items in the range, so you can mix and match as many as you like, depending on your personal style.

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