Review – Princess Leia cutout stud earrings

Star Wars Princess Leia cutout stud earrings

Today’s review features the Princess Leia cutout stud earrings. I am always on the lookout for female character themed fashion, especially items featuring Princess Leia, so these earrings were a must-have for me. Most Princess Leia themed fashion uses her white dress outfit – it is fun to see a different costume used for this design.

The earrings are currently available on Amazon – prices range from US$5.99 to US$9.95 per pair, while shipping rates/policies vary by seller.

Princess Leia cutout stud earrings – US$5.99 to US$9.95 per pair

Star Wars Princess Leia cutout stud earrings Star Wars Princess Leia cutout stud earrings

The earrings came packaged on a black cardboard backing card, with the Star Wars and Disney logos printed in white. Strangely the backing card has no mention of which company made these, so I’m not sure if these are from Body Vibe, Bioworld, or someone else. The earrings feature a cutout shape of Princess Leia, with a silver-tone border. The edge appears almost glittery, but it is just the slight texture catching the light.

Star Wars Princess Leia cutout stud earrings

The image is a promotional photo from Return of the Jedi, of Princess Leia in the metal bikini. The image is covered with a clear plastic layer, which is level with the border (not domed). The image quality is quite good for its size, not pixelated like some printed image jewelry can be. I especially like that these earrings use a photo, not artwork – it is nice to have a reminder of Carrie Fisher herself.

It is not particularly common to find women’s Star Wars accessories featuring Leia in the metal bikini – you are more likely to find it on men’s t-shirts. Many fans have written about their thoughts on costume, but for me it has always been a symbol of strength, where Leia single-handedly takes down the bad guy with her bare hands. Princess Leia gave me the courage to wear the costume myself a few years ago, so the outfit always reminds me of the confidence I felt while wearing it.

Star Wars Princess Leia cutout stud earrings

The back of the earrings has a textured surface, with the standard Lucasfilm copyright text ‘© LFL’ on the back of each earring. The earrings measure approximately 24mm high, 12mm wide (at the widest part), and 2mm deep. The wider ‘skirt’ part at the bottom means they aren’t inclined to swing around while wearing.

These earrings use silver-tone ‘butterfly’ style earrings backs, which are my favourite style – they stay on nicely. The earring posts measure approximately 11mm long, a great comfortable length for wearing. The posts attach at about Leia’s shoulders/chest (not the top/head), so for me, they sit half on my ear, half hanging below.

These aren’t the fanciest earrings, but they are fun! Using a photo for the design means they aren’t particularly subtle, but their small size balances out the design well. I’m glad to see at least one company is not afraid to use the metal bikini for women’s accessories – though I’d love to see a licensed accurate version of the gold-tone split hoop earrings Leia wears with the outfit!

Star Wars Princess Leia cutout stud earrings