Rebels Chopper necklace

During a regular search for Star Wars jewelry on, I came across a new item from Body Vibe I hadn’t seen before – a pendant of Chopper from Rebels! Although it’s described as a ‘boys necklace’, this is one of those instances where a child’s item can work just as well for adults. The chain is 16″ long, which is on the shorter side for an adult necklace, but it’s easy to hang the pendant on a different chain if you wish. Priced at only US$15.00, the pendant is made from stainless steel and is hung on a bead chain with lobster-style clasp. It is sold and shipped from, but unfortunately it seems this item will only ship to US addresses, so international customers can only purchase via mail redirection service. I’ve just recently bought one for myself – I’ll have a review posted soon!

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Amazon - Rebels Chopper necklace Amazon - Rebels Chopper necklace

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