Harveys x Star Wars items on eBay

Harveys x Star Wars bag, featuring artwork by SHAG

The Harveys x Star Wars bags featuring artwork by SHAG were released last weekend, at an exclusive event at Disneyland’s WonderGround Gallery. As expected, many of the Harveys x Star Wars bags are now available on eBay. In regards to Disney possibly stocking these items online, Harveys posted the following information as a reply to a question on Instagram –

Disney has released info stating it will be online via their website. Date and time is TBD.

This was posted prior to the event, and may not take into account that the stock of bags appear to have sold out at the event. According to comments from attendees at the event, the advertised item purchasing limits were not enforced, and the tote bag in particular sold out very quickly. Sadly as expected, many of the purchased items have quickly shown up on eBay – frustrating for those who waited many hours in line, only to leave empty handed. This is why I’m never fond of event/location-specific limited editions – they favour the resellers, not the passionate fans around the world who desperately want to buy these.

In any case, there is still a chance these gorgeous bags will be made available online – the best place to keep an eye on is the WonderGround Gallery section of the Disney Store Website.

*update* May 31st 2016 – these bags did show up on the Disney Store website, but sold out very quickly – hip pack (US$108.00 each), and tote bag (US$168.00 each).

Browse the Harveys x Star Wars bags available on eBay – prices/shipping varies by seller

Harveys x Star Wars bags, featuring artwork by SHAG Harveys x Star Wars bags, featuring artwork by SHAG

Photos sourced from and belong SHAG and Harveys.

Here’s a few photos from Instagram users showing the tote bag –