Nub Nub t-shirt at 80’s Tees

80’s Tees has a new women’s ewok-themed t-shirt available. The black t-shirt features Wicket, with the text ‘Nub Nub’ – according to the t-shirt’s description, ‘Nub’ translates to ‘Freedom’ in Ewokese (I’ve seen some translations list ‘Yub Nub’). Anyway, the t-shirt is available in sizes S to 2XL, and is priced at US$22.00 to US$24.00 each (depending on size) – 80’s Tees can ship internationally.

Shop the women’s ‘Nub Nub’ ewok t-shirt at 80’s Tees

80's Tees - women's 'Nub Nub' ewok t-shirt

Photo sourced from and belongs to 80’s Tees.