Nicholas Kirkwood footwear

Footwear designer label Nicholas Kirkwood are celebrating their 10th anniversary, and have released a collection of 10 shoes inspired by pop culture of the 1980’s – which includes Star Wars. While the collection doesn’t appear to be licensed, the three inspired designs are so incredible, I just had to share! The collection also includes a range of accessories – prices range from £20.833 (ex VAT) for the tote bag to £208.33 (ex VAT) for the pouchette. Unfortunately, my favourite items are the shoes – which are made to order only until December 1st. When a designer doesn’t display the prices, it’s a good indication it will be out of your price range (except for the lucky few).

The three Star Wars inspired footwear designs are ‘NK-PO’ (inspired by C-3PO), Millennium Butterfly (inspired by the Millennium Falcon), and Snow Fighter (inspired by Snowspeeders). The accessories range includes ‘NK-PO’ tote bag, bag charm, and pouchette. The shoes are just amazing – we need more women’s Star Wars footwear like this (but preferably from a more accessible price range). For now, I’m pondering the possibility of buying regular gold high heels and adding wire…

View the Nicholas Kirkwood 10 collection

Nicholas Kirkwood - 10 collection 'NK-PO' shoes Nicholas Kirkwood - 10 collection 'Millennium Butterfly' shoes Nicholas Kirkwood - 10 collection 'Snow Fighter' shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood - 10 collection 'NK-PO' tote bag Nicholas Kirkwood - 10 collection 'NK-PO' bag charm Nicholas Kirkwood - 10 collection 'NK-PO' pouchette

Photos sourced from and belong to Nicholas Kirkwood.