New Star Wars jewelry coming soon

Body Vibe makes jewelry collections for several pop culture licenses such as Doctor Who, DC Comics and Marvel, and has now added Star Wars to their catalogue. Coming in the new year is a great collection of necklaces, earrings and more featuring some fantastic designs. Unfortunately it looks like their ring designs are only available in men’s sizes – there is a Star Wars logo ring that would be amazing in women’s sizes. Thankfully there is still plenty for us female fans with lots of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even dog tags which can be gender neutral. While Body Vibe’s website is only available for wholesale orders/distributors, collectible sites Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store have stock available for pre-order. Check out the following direct links to pre-order/purchase – prices range from US$24.99 to US$69.99 each. So many fantastic pieces – I think my favourite are the logo hoop earrings!

Pendant designs – 3d stormtrooper, gold plated rebel alliance, stormtrooper typography, Darth Vader etched, 3d Darth Vader, Mandalorian symbol, Darth Vader mirrored, 3d Chewbacca, 3d Boba Fett, R2-D2 typography, Imperial symbol/Death Star etched, Chewbacca etched, Imperial symbol gun metal, stormtrooper, Imperial symbol cut out, poster, AT-AT Walker, X1 TIE Fighter

Body Vibe - 3d Stormtrooper pendant Body Vibe - gold plated Rebel Alliance pendant Body Vibe - stormtrooper typography pendant Body Vibe - Darth Vader etched pendant

Body Vibe - 3d black Darth Vader pendant Body Vibe - Mandalorian symbol pendant Body Vibe - Darth Vader mirrored pendant Body Vibe - Chewbacca 3d pendant

Body Vibe - Boba Fett helmet 3d pendant Body Vibe - R2-D2 typography art pendant Body Vibe - Imperial Symbol/Death Star etched pendant Body Vibe - Chewbacca etched pendant

Body Vibe - Imperial symbol gun metal pendant Body Vibe - stormtrooper pendant Body Vibe - Imperial symbol cut out pendant

Earring designs – gold plated Rebel alliance, Rebel alliance dangle, Imperial symbollogo hoop, Darth Vader 3d stud, C-3PO stud, Jedi Order

Body Vibe - gold plated Rebel Alliance earrings Body Vibe - Rebel Alliance earrings Body Vibe - Imperial symbol earrings

Body Vibe - logo hoop earrings Body Vibe - Darth Vader 3d stud earrings

Bracelet designs – Imperial bracelet, Mandalorian symbol, Rebel symbol

Body Vibe - Imperial bracelet Body Vibe - Mandalorian bracelet

Photos sourced from and belong to Entertainment Earth.