My Star Wars Fashion panel at Celebration

Women's Star Wars Fashion panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

Exciting news! I can finally announce that I will be attending Star Wars Celebration Orlando – as a panellist! Part of the Collecting Track, I will be presenting the panel ‘The Growing Galaxy Of Women’s Star Wars Fashion‘. This is a very exciting opportunity to highlight the topic to a wider audience, feature some of the leading companies and products, and talk about some more conceptual aspects like self-expression. There may even be some brand new products revealed 😉 I am so honoured to be attending!

Panel details –

  • The Growing Galaxy Of Women’s Star Wars Fashion
  • Thursday April 13th 1.30pm to 2.30 pm
  • Star Wars Collector’s Stage W307

Panel description – view the full Collector’s Panel list here

Women’s Star Wars fashion has been around since 1977, but has grown significantly as geek culture has become mainstream and female Star Wars fans have become more visible and active in demonstrating their passion for the fandom. This panel takes a look at all aspects of women’s Star Wars fashion (both collecting and wearing), highlights from the range of commercial products and designer Star Wars garments on the runway, as well as examining the concept of Star Wars clothing as both self-expression and a collecting focus.

I will cover topics like the rise of Star Wars fashion companies, prequel character representation, fan made fashion, everyday cosplay, designer fashion on the runway, and will also feature some of my own personal favourite Star Wars fashion items. Every attendee will also receive a convention exclusive Star Tot collectable! I hope to see you there 🙂


As friends will know, our current life circumstances combined with late notice (and a poor currency exchange rate) mean that I have to fund-raise to help cover travel expenses (long haul travel isn’t cheap 🙁 ). Please help by donating and/or sharing the word!

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The content of my panel will be made available online after the convention, so that contributors and fans can access it even if they can’t make it to Orlando for the convention and live presentation. As a general principle, all of The Kessel Runway content is – and will always be – free for all fans to access.

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Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

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