More Loungefly previews

The fashion trade show WWDMagic recently took place in the US, and Loungefly has been releasing sneak peak photos of some of their new upcoming Star Wars items! Following on from earlier preview photos (see them here), comes more photos! The first photo shows a close up (of a wallet?) revealing a new Star Wars Manga print, with the classic Loungefly x Star Wars plaque. The second photo shows a new Star Wars print backpack, with a cute Star Wars character print. The same print was shown in an earlier preview photo of a smaller size backpack – personally I prefer the smaller size backpack style, but this is a really great print! Loungefly notes these items are ‘coming soon’ to – I can’t wait! This whole new collection has so many great new styles and designs – I’m keen to see the full view of that Star Wars Manga print.

Loungefly has also previewed a new Star Wars pin set coming soon to Hot Topic! The set contains 14 pins, all with great classic comic artwork – they will be blind bagged, so you won’t know which one you’ll get. These would be great to add a little Star Wars touch to your outfit – check out my earlier post about styling Star Wars pins. Disney Style has also released another article with great ideas for adding pins to shirt collars and other garments/placements – read it here.

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Loungefly x Star Wars preview from WWD Magic 2016 Loungefly x Star Wars preview from WWD Magic 2016 Loungefly - Star Wars blind bag pin collection coming soon to Hot Topic

Photos sourced from and belong to Loungefly.