Mail Call – Pandora x Mandalorian Collection

Pandora x Star Wars - Mandalorian Collection

Today’s mail call features the new Pandora x Star Wars The Mandalorian jewelry collection. The limited edition range includes three new jewelry pieces – a bracelet and two charms – as well as a special Star Wars gift box. As a big Pandora fan, I absolutely love their Star Wars jewelry range, so this was an exciting reveal, and knew I needed it for my collection.

Locally, the charms are priced at NZ$89.00 each and the bracelet is NZ$119.00 each – in the US, the charms are priced at US$65.00 each and the bracelet is US$75.00 each. The bracelet is available in three sizes. For a limited time/while stocks last, customers can receive a special Star Wars gift box when purchasing all three jewelry items.

Check out my full unboxing video –

I keep a close eye on emails from Pandora – as a long time fan, I enjoy adding beads to my memories bracelet for anniversaries, special milestones etc. Pandora has been making licensed Disney jewelry for many years now, and initially created a few Star Wars charms exclusively for the Disney Parks. As an international fan, I was overjoyed when they finally announced a full Star Wars jewelry that would be available worldwide.

A few weeks back, checking out the last Pandora email to hit my inbox, I noticed a teaser about an upcoming Star Wars limited edition. No idea if would be just one charm or something more, I kept a keen eye out for any further information. Then suddenly – bam! A 3-piece Mandalorian limited edition collection, available for just 10 days. Wow!

Both the NZ and US Pandora websites list November 11th to 21st as the ordering window – but the collection flyer inside my parcel has the dates of November 11th to 23rd. I guess the promotion dates were changed after this flyer was printed. Both websites state the collection is “Available only until 11/21 or while supplies last” – a period of only 10 days. It’s hard to say how limited this range is – I knew I didn’t want to miss out, so I grabbed my set as soon as I could.

I’m not a huge fan of ‘hype drops’ like this that are designed to trigger ‘fomo’ in fans – ‘fear of missing out’. The classic ‘buy now, cry later’ phrase is what Pandora seems to be going for – there is so much text surrounding this release that really emphasises the 10-day limited edition factor, there’s even a countdown clock. Of course there is a big chance that these items will still be available months from now, and there is nothing wrong with limited edition items, that’s standard industry practice, but at the end of the day I just want everyone to have the chance to own the Star Wars fashion they love.

Introducing the newest pieces from the Star Wars™ x Pandora collection: the Star Wars Grogu™ Charm, Star Wars The Mandalorian™ Helmet Charm and the Pandora Moments Star Wars™ Clasp Double Black Leather Bracelet.

Inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian™, this Limited Edition collection marks the first time black ruthenium plating has been used for Star Wars™ x Pandora jewellery. Try going to the dark side with these must-have styles.

The Pandora x Star Wars gift box came parceled inside a brown cardboard box, with a product detail/barcode sticker on the outside. No internal packaging around the gift box, but it fit pretty well inside that plain carton. The box has a lovely smooth finish, with the raised Star Wars x Pandora logo across the top lid. I was glad that it came with a plain carton, as I’ll probably keep it to store my gift box in – I know, a box within a box, but I want to keep the gift box as a collectible, rather than use.

The limited edition box is, frankly, shaped cardboard. This isn’t a fancy hinged jewelry box like you can normally buy from Pandora. A fun free item of course, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these show up on eBay eventually (locally, the promotional gift is limited to 3 per customer), but I don’t really think it has the NZ$45 value as indicated during the checkout process. During checkout, the price is discounted down to zero, and it is not available to purchase separately. Having said all that, if Pandora had offered this for sale, I admit I would probably cave and buy it just as a collectible, not as a functional box. It is what it is was designed to be – a free, fun collectible as a bonus for fans, because let’s face it, I was going to get the Mando bundle anyway.

Locally, Pandora has shifted from the classic faux leather hinged jewelry boxes to using more sustainable cardboard boxes. These are slimline so great for cutting down on shipping box size (especially considering the small size of jewelry), and just less waste. My 3 jewelry items were all packaged inside this single white branded Pandora box with a lift-off lid.

As you may note in my unboxing video, the jewelry did come inside individual clear plastic zip-lock bags, tucked inside this white cardboard box. Obviously keeping items in small bags with product details/barcodes makes shipping orders much easier, and stops any jewelry from rolling around or getting lost during packing and shipping. I removed the jewelry from the bags during my unboxing video, and didn’t feel the need to show them again here (plastic bags make for very uninteresting photos).

First up – the limited edition Star Wars bracelet. This is a black double wrap leather bracelet, with black ruthenium plated Star Wars logo clasp. This bracelet is available in 3 sizes – mine is the medium/middle of the three. The darker finish works so well with the black leather of the bracelet, making this quite a gender neutral design. Pandora leather bracelets are glossy, not rough/raw edged leather, and I find them very comfortable to wear.

Pandora x Star Wars - Mandalorian Collection

Honestly this bracelet works so well just on its own. A classic black leather braid, with the Star Wars logo on the clasp – the logo is on both sides, so it is visible if the clasp rotates around. This would be a great gift for guys, it doesn’t even need the beads to add some Star Wars cool to any outfit.

This bracelet will fit standard Pandora charms, including any charm from the Star Wars range. You don’t have to put just Star Wars charms on it though, you can use this bracelet to create your own sentimental jewelry piece with charms to represent milestones, significant events, and loved ones.

Next up – the two new Star Wars charms. Both charms are made from ‘a ruthenium-plated unique metal blend with hand-applied black enamel details’ – Grogu’s eyes and the helmet visor are accented with black enamel. This finish hasn’t been used in the Pandora x Star Wars line before, so it’s a neat variation if you’re looking for something new to add alongside your classic Sterling Silver charms.

Now technically the Grogu bead isn’t new – but this colour version is. This Grogu sculpt is available in standard Sterling Silver as part of the main Pandora x Star Wars range. This black ruthenium plated version is limited edition – whereas the standard silver version is not limited. Now, the Mandalorian helmet is a completely new bead. I do hope that Pandora creates a standard version of this bead, as it would be a shame for fans to miss out adding this popular character to their collection if this limited edition sells out quickly.

Pandora x Star Wars - Mandalorian Collection

The level of detail of these charms is amazing – as you would expect from Pandora. Looking underneath Grogu has little sculpted feet beneath his robe, and the underside of the Mandalorian’s helmet features the phrase ‘This is the way’. As an added detail, the helmet visor is accented with black enamel.

The shine of my studio lights make the details appear a little softer than they do in person. These are very well done, and the sculpting looks great up close. I absolutely love this black ruthenium plating, it works so well for this mini-collection, especially the helmet. Din Djarin’s beskar helmet is not true silver, it’s definitely a darker colour, so this ‘gunmetal’ style finish is perfect for this charm. If you already own a fair amount of Pandora Star Wars and don’t want to start a second bracelet, the Mando helmet charm is definitely worth getting on its own. It would look fabulous alongside the silver range, in the same way the yellow gold C-3PO and black enamel Darth Vader helmet charms are different colours but accurate to the character.

Having unboxed all the items, I can now put them all together in the limited edition gift box. Personally I won’t be storing my jewelry in this box, but it makes a very nice presentation if you are giving this set as a gift. Honestly, it feels like that is the intent – we’re in the lead up to Christmas, so I think this set was designed to be an ideal Christmas gift for Star Wars fans, complete with gift box. Honestly, I love it.

Pandora x Star Wars - Mandalorian Collection

There are little black wires/twisty ties to secure the charms with, while the bracelet slips through small slots in the outer edges to tuck behind. While the charms fit easily into the circular cutouts, I found the bracelet harder to position. The bracelets come wrapped in a double loop, so they want to hold a circular shape. As you can see from my photos, the space for the foam folder is more elongated, so I had to ‘squish’ the bracelet into a long thin shape to fit into the nook behind the foam. This is okay for a short period of time, but personally I like to keep my leather Pandora bracelets in their native round shape to avoid forming awkward bends/kinks in the leather.

Pandora x Star Wars - Mandalorian Collection

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my unboxing and review of the new Pandora x Star Wars The Mandalorian limited edition collection. It is a fine addition to my collection, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing this bracelet a lot. I hope that Pandora continues to add to their Star Wars range – I would love an Ahsoka Tano charm for my bracelet!

Will you be picking up this collection? What is your favourite Pandora x Star Wars charm?

May the Force be with you!

Pandora x Star Wars - Mandalorian Collection