Mail Call – Cakeworthy Shirt & Skirt

Cakeworthy Skirt & Shirt

Today’s mail call features the funky Star Wars 80’s print shirt and skirt from Cakeworthy. I have been a long-time fan of Cakeworthy, and already have a few pieces from their Star Wars apparel range. When I saw this fun 80’s inspired print, I grabbed them straight away – something different to add a fun retro pop of colour to my Star Wars wardrobe.

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This 80’s inspired shirt and skirt wasn’t sold as a set, but I of course bought both together. Vibrant and fun Star Wars fashion will always grab my attention, and I’m never shy about wearing loud Star Wars prints and patterns – I especially love the use of pink and purple in this design.

One of the first things I noticed about the shirt is the lovely stretch/knit fabric – this isn’t just a typical men’s button-up shirt. It’s soft, cropped, and can also be worn a tie-front style at the lower hemline. I also appreciate that this shirt doesn’t have a front pocket, which can sit a little awkwardly on my chest, and interrupt the fabulous print. Another neat little detail – the buttons all have Cakeworthy printed on them.

Cakeworthy Shirt

Next up, the matching skirt. This is a pretty standard skater-style skirt, with an elastic waistband covered in the same skirt fabric, and a gathered waist for a nice flared shape. I have a few skirts of this style in my Star Wars wardrobe, but I’ve been looking for a fresh take for summer.

Cakeworthy Skirt

The print is obviously the star of this set. The vibrant coloured pattern features the Star Wars logo in both pink and white, the Imperial symbol in green, the Rebel symbol in orange. There are also four Star Wars character ‘faces’ – well, not actual faces, but that’s the best way I can think to describe it. We have Darth Vader in purple, Stormtrooper in white, C-3PO in yellow, and R2-D2 in blue. The ‘faces’ are a little abstract, in that they don’t have borders to define the shape – I almost didn’t recognise the R2-D2 print, when you reduce his dome down to his ‘eyes’ he looks like a Polaroid camera!

Cakeworthy Skirt & Shirt Print

I’m not entirely sure if I’ll wear these two together often, it’s definitely a look. I love them both equally, and I know when I first saw them I couldn’t choose one favourite over the other. I’m so happy I decided to get both, and I know I’ll have a lot of fun styling outfits with these pieces. As always, I’ll have a full review with more photos and details later, but I had really enjoying capturing my first impressions with a mail call/unboxing video.

May the Force be with you!

Cakeworthy Skirt & Shirt