Leia’s List – X-Wing Fighter Necklaces

Leia's List - Star Wars X-Wing Fighter necklaces

Welcome to this week’s “Leia’s List”. Each week we round up our favourite fashion items for a particular theme – today’s theme is X-Wing Fighter necklaces! The classic Rebel Alliance X-Wing fighter is one of my favourite Star Wars vehicles, and has been the inspiration for necklace designs dating back to the original vintage 1977 jewelry range!

Here are some of our favourite X-Wing Fighter necklaces currently available. Prices vary – these stockists can ship internationally, except for selected Amazon/eBay sellers (international customers can order via a mail forwarding service).

Women's Star Wars X-Wing Fighter crystal pendant necklace at ThinkGeek Amazon - X-Wing Fighter Rebel Alliance symbol cut-out necklace

Amazon - Black Squadron X-Wing necklace Amazon - Body Vibe x Star Wars X-Wing Fighter necklace

Amazon - Body Vibe x Star Wars X-Wing Fighter dog tag necklace Malakai Raiss x Star Wars X-Wing Fighter necklace

Vintage Weingeroff Star Wars X-Wing Fighter necklace

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