Hers (and His) rings at Hot Topic

Hot Topic has added a new Star Wars ring set to their website. The his & hers ring set features the romantic exchange between Princess Leia and Han Solo in ESB – ‘I love you’ – ‘I know’. The women’s ring is size 7, and features Leia’s line ‘I love you’. The accompanying (men’s) ring is size 10 and features Han Solo’s reply ‘I know’. Retailing at US$12.50, the set is currently on sale for US$9.38 as Hot Topic has 25% off on-line for a limited time. While I try not to focus on men’s accessories, the rings could be worn together on a necklace as a neat Han & Leia themed accessory. I’ve always felt the lines work better paired together on the same item, as the lines are reversed in ROTJ.

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Hot Topic - 'I Love You - I Know' ring set

Photo sourced from and belongs to Hot Topic.