Her Universe Han Solo bloodstripe leggings

Her Universe x Star Wars Han Solo leggings available at ThinkGeek

These new Her Universe x Star Wars Han Solo leggings are now available exclusively at ThinkGeek! The leggings feature an ‘everyday cosplay’ design of Han Solo’s distinctive Corellian Bloodstripe pants. Made from Cotton span jersey, the blue leggings feature the red stripes down the outside of each leg. The Bloodstripe design is so reecognisable to Star Wars fans, but tends to go unnoticed by those not familiar with Han Solo.

This design was first done by fan label Gold Bubble Clothing, back in late 2013. It’s interesting that it has taken so long for a licensed company to use the idea – we have seen bloodstripe shorts and 2 skirts, but not leggings. Gold Bubble Clothing made 2 versions – red/blue and yellow/brown (I reviewed both here).

Available in sizes S to 2X, the leggings are priced at Us$27.99 each – ThinkGeek can ship internationally, which is great!

The Han Solo Leggings are a ThinkGeek exclusive, made from cotton span jersey. Do you know what this means? It means there will be no snags when you unsnap your blaster and whip it out to shoot bounty hunters before they can fry you or turn you over to Jabba. It means that you can slide in between engine parts of the Millennium Falcon without friction and get everything fixed before the air is flooded with poison gas. It means that you can run at faster speeds while distracting Stormtroopers from your friends. It means that you will smuggle the merchandise, win the rebellion, fly the Falcon, and look awesome while doing it. Also guaranteed not to bunch up when you’re frozen in carbonite. Win-win.

Her Universe Han Solo leggings – US$27.99 each – sizes S to 2X

Her Universe x Star Wars Han Solo leggings available at ThinkGeek

Photo sourced from and belongs to ThinkGeek.