Gold Bubble Clothing

Launched on 30th November 2013, Gold Bubble Clothing included two Star Wars inspired pieces in their opening collection. The company was created by costumer/designer Jinyo, together with his partner Victoria – both are Star Wars fans and costumers, so it was great to see them include Star Wars designs in their clothing line.

The designs are ‘Bloodstripe’ leggings – available in both red stripe on blue, and yellow stripe on brown versions. They are of course in reference to that most famous of scoundrels, Han Solo, and his distinctive Corellian bloodstripe pants that he wears in the Original Trilogy. A subtle design that is instantly recognizable to any Star Wars fan, these are a great way of adding a Star Wars touch to an outfit – they also co-ordinate brilliantly with black boots, white shirt and vest for that modern-day smuggler look. Both designs are limited, but are brought back out of the archive for short releases on occasion, so follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be notified of releases, sales and other news.

Gold Bubble Clothing bloodstripe leggings

Photo sourced from and belongs to Gold Bubble Clothing.