Gold Bubble Clothing – Chaos collection

Gold Bubble Clothing - Chaos collection

Gold Bubble Clothing has a new Star Wars inspired mini collection available. The Chaos Collection includes crop tops and leggings with a First Order Stormtrooper amour design, and are available in three color choices – ‘Color’ (pink), ‘Shadow’ (black), or ‘Light’ (white). Each item is sold separately, so you can mix and match sizes – or even colors! Each item is available in sizes XXS to XL, and are made to order (approximately 2 to 4 weeks). I just love the way they have achieved the look of shiny polished armour – and want to buy all three sets! 🙂

You can read my review of their Han Solo-inspired ‘Bloodstripe’ leggings here – both the blue/red and brown/yellow versions are currently available, priced at US$69.00 each. They also have three items inspired by BB-8 – the ‘Mechanic’ A-line dress (US$79.00 each), and the ‘Mechadots leggings’, priced at US$69.00 each (available in black or grey). As well as the bloodstripe leggings, I also own the Mechanic A-Line dress, which I love – I’ll have a review posted soon. Gold Bubble Clothing can ship internationally, which is great! The company is run by two passionate Star Wars fans, Jinyo and Victoria – you may recognise them from the amazing custom Princess Leia engagement ring story!

These leggings are made from a shiny, satin-finish fabric. An 8.26 ounce (280 gsm) heavyweight tricot, this fabric was selected for its stretch and lustre.

This crop top is made from the same lightweight performance fabric as our dresses. This fabric was selected for its superior opacity, stretch, and comfort. It also possesses a non-chemical Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 50, and Max-Dri moisture wicking, so it is great for nearly any activity!
Note: this fabric has a flat finish, and is not the same as our leggings fabric.

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Gold Bubble Clothing - Chaos collection

Gold Bubble Clothing - Chaos collection

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