Galactic Queen Hooded Scarf by Elhoffer Design

Star Wars Queen Amidala Inspired Galactic Queen Hooded Scarf by Elhoffer Design

This new Star Wars inspired scarf by Elhoffer Design is a dream come true for anyone who has ever wanted to wear Queen Amidala’s amazing headpieces. This purple knit scarf is inspired by the headdress worn by Queen Amidala onboard her starship in The Phantom Menace.

It is just fabulous to see Elhoffer Design continuing to create wearable and comfy fashion inspired by Queen Amidala’s gorgeous wardrobe. Nevermind that it’s summer here now in NZ – I need this scarf!

  • Reverse Intarsia Knit Hooded Scarf
  • Pointed Ends (with the smallest of pockets!)
  • Scarf is approximately 40″ long from top of hood to top of point
  • Acrylic Yarn
  • Made in the USA in limited runs

The scarf is priced at US$75.00 each – grab it now for a special ‘Blue Friday’ price of US$45.00 each! Elhoffer Design can ship internationally, which is great.

Photos sourced from and belong to Elhoffer Design.