Exclusive First Look – Padme’s Wedding Dress

Star Wars Padme' Amidala Wedding Dress

Exciting news for Star Wars fans and brides-to-be – this gorgeous Padme’ Amidala wedding dress will soon be available to order! Check out these teaser photos in our exclusive first look, a preview of the beautiful replica dress that could soon be yours.

Padme’s wedding dress from Attack Of The Clones is the only wedding dress seen in the Star Wars films, and is known for its intricate detail, beautiful fabrics and embellishments. If you’ve ever dreamed of wearing a Star Wars inspired dress for your wedding or vow renewal ceremony, this is the perfect choice!

For Your Star Wars Wedding – A Padme’ Amidala Wedding Dress

www.PadmeWeddingDress.com launches soon and will offer one of the most accurate Padme’ wedding dress replicas. Each one is individually handmade in the USA.

It follows Padme’s wedding look: a gown with the intricate design down front that is carefully set by hand, a flowing bell train in the back, followed by an overlay on top made from a gorgeous regal lace, a capelet wrapping the shoulders, and a veil decorated with blossoms and handsewn beaded flowers.

PadmeWeddingDress.com launches in September.

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Model: IG @albeni_model
Photo: IG @leo18mphoto

For anyone who has ever recreated one of Padme’s stunning costumes, you know of the hours and hours of research needed to get the details right, as well as the endless searches for just the right fabric and trims. That is just not something a bride-to-be has time for, on top of all the other wedding planning tasks and appointments.

I myself would have loved to have worn Padme’s wedding dress for my own wedding several years ago, but I knew the important task would be too much for my sewing skills and time – and the hours of research required to replicate it would push the cost of commissioning a seamstress well outside of my budget. Now there is a place for Star Wars fans to go to get their own Padme’ Amidala wedding dress, with all the details taken care of.

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Check out our exclusive teaser photos below –

Star Wars Padme' Amidala Wedding Dress

Star Wars Padme' Amidala Wedding Dress

Star Wars Padme' Amidala Wedding Dress

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