Elhoffer Design’s gorgeous Amidala designs!

Padme' Amidala inspired designs by Elhoffer Design

The amazing Elhoffer Design is creating a ‘Galactic Queen’ collection, inspired by Padme’ Amidala! She has released a few concept sketches on social media, and is asking fans to choose their favourites to produce first! The designs include –

  • ‘Galactic Dusk’ poncho – inspired by Ep2 Naboo lake dress
  • ‘Galactic Twilight’ dolman – inspired by Ep2 Naboo nightgown
  • ‘Galactic Queen’ fur edged poncho – inspired Ep1 Theed throne room gown
  • ‘Galactic Eclipse’ oversize sweater – inspired by Ep2 Tatooine poncho/dress
  • ‘Galactic Sunrise’ longline cardigan – inspired by Ep1 ‘flame’ handmaiden dress

I want them all, and more! This is the collection I have waited years for someone to make, they are all just stunning designs! If you love them too, head over to social media and help pick which designs Elhoffer Design will produce first! It is so hard to choose, but having made the lake dress costume, the ‘Galactic Dusk’ poncho is definitely on my shopping list!

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Padme' Amidala inspired designs by Elhoffer Design

Padme' Amidala inspired designs by Elhoffer Design

Photos sourced from and belong to Elhoffer Design.