DIY – Star Wars earrings

DIY lightsaber earrings

I was impressed with the detail and quality of Loungefly’s necklaces I picked up from Hot Topic a little while ago. During my regular check of Hot Topic’s website, I noticed they still had the MTFBWY pendant necklaces in stock, which features the Hildebrandt brothers classic poster art. I decided to buy two more, with a small DIY project in mind – turning a matching set of necklace pendants into earrings. This particular necklace was a great choice as it comes with two separate pendants on each chain – the medallion and the lightsaber.

Loungefly - MTFBWY necklaces Loungefly - MTFBWY necklaces with earring loops

The pendants are attached to the necklace with small rings, which are removable. I visited my local craft store and bought a small set of silver earring loops (as seen in my photos) to hang the pendants from. I like this design as they can’t fall out while worn and the pendants don’t need additional rings to attach to the loops. I removed the pendants from the necklaces by opening up the small rings with pliers. Once the pendants are removed, it was a simple task of sliding the pendants onto the earring loops – and done! The pendants hang the right way (facing forward) when worn, with no knowledge of jewelry techniques required. I love my new earrings – I can even wear them with my matching necklace. The necklaces are still available from Hot Topic (at the time of writing) if you want to follow this DIY too!

Loungefly - MTFBWY necklaces with earring loops Loungefly - MTFBWY pendants with earring loops

Loungefly - MTFBWY pendants turned into earrings Loungefly - Lightsaber pendants turned into earrings