C-3PO cosplay hair bow at Hot Topic

Hot Topic - C-3PO cosplay hair bow

Hot Topic has a new Star Wars hair bow available, featuring C-3PO! The bow features a large gold faux leather bow, behind a black ribbon bow with coloured stripes to represent C-3PO’s abdominal wires, and a central disc on top – the back has a standard ‘alligator’ style hair clip. Usually priced at US$8.50 each, this bow is currently on sale for US$6.80 each in Hot Topic’s 20% off online sale – Hot Topic can ship internationally. While the listing doesn’t specify, I believe this bow is made by Loungefly, as it appears very similar to their other Star Wars cosplay hair bows (like this R2-D2 version).

Fluent in over six million forms of communication? Show that off with this bow! C-3PO style hair bow perfect for a Star Wars cosplay.

C-3PO cosplay hair bow – US$8.50 each

Hot Topic - C-3PO cosplay hair bow Hot Topic - C-3PO cosplay hair bow

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