Black Milk Clothing – Sith Touchdown 2.0

Tomorrow Black Milk Clothing releases their Christmas themed collection ‘Wrapped’ – which includes a licensed Star Wars piece. It’s nice to see Black Milk continuing to make use of their Star Wars license, but I do wish they’d do a full second collection (and third!), as they have added a number of different clothing styles to their offering since their initial Star Wars release. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would do anything for Black Milk Star Wars jackets, skater dresses and new ‘slouchy’ tops!

Tomorrow’s collection includes their Sith Touchdown 2.0 – a unisex football jersey top featuring a sith/imperial theme. It’s made in a new/different fabric to their other ‘shooter’ top fabrics, hence the 2.0. I’m a little torn on these athletic tops, they’re not really my style, but it’s limited (approx 200-400 pieces), and together with my collecting habits of Star Wars and Black Milk, it’s taking some willpower to override the shopping urges.

Available from Black Milk Clothing tomorrow (11th November) – use their countdown clock on the home page to calculate the release time for your local time zone. It’s a limited piece, so be sure to know the time and be on-line just prior to release if you don’t want to miss out. Price – $120AUD (worldwide site) or $115USD (U.S. site).

Black Milk Clothing Sith Touchdown 2.0

Photo sourced from and belongs to Black Milk Clothing.