A few upcoming items

There are a few upcoming Star Wars fashion related items hitting the news, but I’ve been unable to find official images just yet. For those that registered for one or more of the Disney Star Wars Half Marathon 2016 events, there was a commemorative necklace available for pre-order. I haven’t been able to find any image or description, beyond the cost of US$23.71. I’ll definitely be on the look out for more information on that and any other women’s apparel items for the event as they become available.

The other Star War fashion-related news to come out recently are leaked images of an upcoming Covergirl x Star Wars collection of cosmetics. The packing features The Force Awakens logo, so it is presumably set to hit stores around the time of the film’s release in December. This is an interesting film tie-in, the last Star Wars themed make-up collection was by Yves Saint Laurent, with their Queen Amidala inspired cosmetics for The Phantom Menace in 1999. Some of the collection names and accompanying text might be considered slight spoilers, so I won’t post the images here – view the gallery of leaked images on RebelScum.com.

Covergirl (logo)

Photo sourced from and belongs to Covergirl.