Women’s Star Wars Plush Porg Slippers

Women's Star Wars Porg Plush Slippers at TruffleShuffle

These cute women’s Star Wars porg slippers are available at TruffleShuffle. Made from 100% polyester with non-slip soles, the plush slippers are inspired by the cute little porgs from The Last Jedi. The top surface is accented with embroidered face details, and even a little white tuft of faux faur.

Porgs… so freakin cute, right? They squawked their way into our hearts in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, becoming a firm fan fave and these slippers modelled on their little round bodies, short wings, and eyes that look directly into your soul are just too cute for words. Guaranteed to make any Star Wars fan smile every morning!

Priced at £14.99 per pair, the slippers are available in one size, which fits women’s UK 5-7/EU 38-41/US 6-8. TruffleShuffle can ship internationally.

Women's Star Wars Porg Plush Slippers at TruffleShuffle

Photo sourced from and belongs to TruffleShuffle.