Women’s Endor Lake Camp T-Shirt at ModCloth

Women's Star Wars Endor Camp Lake T-Shirt at ModCloth

This fun women’s retro style Star Wars t-shirt is available exclusively at ModCloth. The burgundy t-shirt features a vintage-style yellow print inspired by Return of the Jedi, with the text ‘Endor Lake Camp 1983 Counselor’.

The artwork features a scene from Endor, complete with ewoks, the Imperial bunker in the background, and even the Millennium Falcon.

Don’t get trapped into sporting ordinary outfits – instead, exhibit your gloriously geek chic style in this burgundy graphic tee. Repping a pair of helpful Ewoks traipsing around Endor Magic Lake, this mustard-printed top – a ModCloth exclusive – is a 100% cotton separate that’ll make your day utterly enchanting!

Available in sizes S to XXL, the t-shirt is priced at US$25.00 each – ModCloth can ship to most international countries.

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