Wild Bangarang sale

To celebrate their one year anniversary, Wild Bangarang is holding a one day sale on Tuesday 3rd November (UK timezone) with 20% off all current Star Wars apparel! The range includes seven styles of leggings, Darth Maul dress, Darth Maul skirt, and athletic tops. Standard prices range from £30.00 to £55.00 (US$46.32 to US$84.92) – based in the UK, Wild Bangarang can ship internationally. I have the ‘Rebel Alliance’ leggings, which I love – you can read my review here.

Shop the Wild Bangarang x Star Wars range here

Wild Bangarang x Star Wars sale - 20% off on Tuesday 3rd November Wild Bangarang x Star Wars apparel

Photos sourced from and belong to Wild Bangarang.