Women’s Rogue One Chirrut quote tank top

This new Fifth Sun x Star Wars tank top features one of my favourite lines from Rogue One. The light grey racerback tank top features the text ‘I Am One With The Force, The Force Is With Me’, with a Rebel Alliance ‘starbird’ symbol as the ‘O’ in the first ‘Force’.… View Post

Rogue One AT-ACT Scarif scarf at ThinkGeek

This fantastic Rogue One AT-ACT Scarif fashion scarf is now available at ThinkGeek. Made from 100% viscose polyester, the lightweight scarf features a large all-over image of Imperial AT-ACT vehicles on Scarif, with TIE Strikers flying overhead. The scarf measures 42″ x 72″ – large enough to also use as a beach sarong.… View Post

Review – Bioworld Rogue One Rebel clutch

Today’s review features the Bioworld x Rogue One Rebel debossed clutch. Released in October last year, the Rebel clutch is my favourite from the fantastic Bioworld range of Rogue One bags and wallets. This is the same shape and style as the earlier R2-D2 ‘beep bloop’ clutch, which is one of my… View Post

Women’s Rogue One Scarif AT-ST sweatshirt

This new women’s Rogue One Scarif AT-ST sweatshirt is now available at SuperHeroStuff. The heather grey sweatshirt features raglan style sleeves, 2 front zip-up pockets, and a large embroidered patch of an AT-ST on Scarif. In case you were wondering, the Aurebesh text reads ‘Imperial’. The Star Wars Imperial AT-ST… View Post

Star Wars Rogue One AT-ACT fashion scarf

This new Star Wars fashion scarf is available on Amazon. Made from 100% viscose polyester, the lightweight rectangle-shaped scarf features a large image of AT-ACT vehicles on Scarif, with TIE Strikers flying overhead. Enjoy long walks along the beach? Then this viscose scarf is for you! This officially licensed Star… View Post

Loungefly Rogue One X-Wing Pilot hair bow

This great new Loungefly x Rogue One hair bow is now available at Hot Topic! One side has printed stripes with the text ‘Rebel’, while the other side features a small red embroidered Rebel Alliance ‘starbird’ symbol patch, and a small pin-like detail that features the text ‘Pilot’ in Aurebesh and… View Post

StarWars.com interview with Kay Jewelers

The official Star Wars website has an interview article with Kay Jewelers about their Rogue One quartz necklaces. Inspired by Jyn Erso’s Kyber crystal necklace, Kay Jewelers created 2 jewelry versions – one in 14KT Rose gold with Diamonds, the other in 14K Rose Gold plated Sterling Silver. StarWars.com writer Kristin… View Post

Rogue One inspired Quartz crystal necklace

This gorgeous Rogue One inspired necklace is now available from Kay Jewelers. Loved the Rose Gold and Diamond version but maybe not the US$3,399.00 price tag? Great news – this is the more affordable version I had hoped to see! Inspired by the Kyber crystal necklace worn by Jyn Erso… View Post

Glow-in-the-dark Deathtrooper stud earrings

These glow-in-the-dark Deathtrooper stud earrings are now available at ThinkGeek. The black stud earrings are made from stainless steel, and feature etched green detail lines, which glow in the dark! The backs are ‘butterfly-style’, which are my favourite earring backing style. Death Troopers: They’re superior because whomever they’re up against… View Post

DIY – Rogue One Kyber crystal necklace

Today’s Star Wars fashion DIY is Jyn Erso’s Kyber crystal necklace from Rogue One. I was instantly excited to see the necklace when it was revealed in a trailer, and hoped to see a licensed replica version released. As yet, Kay Jewelers is the only licensed company to make a version… View Post