Star Wars sale at Zulily

Zulily has a new Star Wars sale – which includes women’ Star Wars apparel, bags and accessories. As always, the apparel is available in selected sizes – don’t wait too long if you see something you want! Zulily can ship internationally, but it depends on the shipping policy for the specific item (it will tell you during checkout if the item you wish to purchase is not able to be shipped to your chosen address).

Three of the Star Wars jewelry items stood out – I haven’t seen them before! There’s Stormtrooper stud earrings, Princess Leia stud earrings, and a Star Wars character charm bracelet! Based on the packaging, I believe these are made by Body Vibe – I hope these will be available from other stockists as well 🙂

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Shop the Star Wars jewelry at Zulily

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Zulily - Women's Stormtrooper dome satchel Zulily - Women's Stormtrooper zip around wallet Zulily - Women's Stormtrooper mini satchel

Zulily - Stormtrooper stud earrings Zulily - Princess Leia stud earrings Zulily - Star Wars stud earring and charm bracelet set

Zulily - Stormtrooper expandable bracelet Zulily - Star Wars stud earring set Zulily - Darth Vader expandable bracelet

Zulily - Star Wars logo hoop earrings Zulily - Rebel Alliance symbol necklace Zulily - Women's Imperial symbol ring

Zulily - Women's Boba Fett tank top Zulily - Women's Darth Vader tank top Zulily - Women's Stormtrooper tank top

Photos sourced from and belong to Zulily.