Star Wars Rebel Imperial Logo Pouch

Star Wars Rebel Imperial Logo Pouch at ThinkGeek

This awesome Star Wars Rebel and Imperial Logo pouch is available at ThinkGeek. The zip-up pouch is perfect for storing small items like cash or makeup in your handbag, or just a useful item around the house. The pouch has a repeating print of the classic Rebel Alliance ‘starbird’ and Galactic Empire ‘cog’ symbols.

The website listing notes this is made from nylon, whereas in the photo it looks like denim, so this may be a ‘printed like denim’ style item. Perfect compact size, and great for any fan who can’t decide which side they like best!

This Star Wars Rebel/Imperial pouch ensures that you’re as neutral as possible in the conflict that’s tearing the galaxy apart. But maybe you’re the solution! Sharing could bring an end to this rebellion. There’s your motivation to stock up on awesome accessories for your pouch.

The pouch is priced at US$7.99 each – ThinkGeek can ship internationally.

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Star Wars Rebel Imperial Logo Pouch at ThinkGeek

Photo sourced from and belongs to ThinkGeek.