Star Wars charm bracelet at ThinkGeek

Star Wars charm bracelet at ThinkGeek

This neat Star Wars charm bracelet is now available at ThinkGeek. The stainless steel charm bracelet features 3 ‘character head’ charms – Darth Vader, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and Stormtrooper. There are also 3 clear rhinestones, set in between the charms for a little extra bling. The bracelet is made by Body Vibe, and is the same as the one often available at Zulily. I love the use of 4 colours for the charms, adds a little extra detail.

The bracelet is priced at US$25.99 each – ThinkGeek can ship internationally.

The Star Wars Character Heads Charm Bracelet is the perfect solution for the fans who can’t make up their minds about which character to dress up as for Comic-Con. What if you go with C-3PO’s arms and legs, Chewbacca’s fur slippers, a Stormtrooper’s body armor, and Vader’s helmet? Then you can use this handy charm bracelet to tie your outfit together!

Star Wars charm bracelet – US$25.99 each

Star Wars charm bracelet available at ThinkGeek Star Wars charm bracelet available at ThinkGeek

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