R2-D2 jewelry at Hot Topic

R2-D2 jewelry at Hot Topic

Hot Topic has a couple of new R2-D2 jewelry items available, including a neat R2-D2 ring! The ring is ‘flat’, rather than 3D sculpted like other versions – I love the different take on a classic idea 🙂 The other recent arrivals include R2-D2 stud earrings, and silver tone R2-D2 enamel pin.

All of these items are under US$7 each, and are currently 25% off as well! Hot Topic can ship internationally, which is great.

Beep, beep, boop, whistle! R2-D2 thinks this ring is the droid your accessory collection has been looking for! This flat enamel ring features a blinged out R2-D2. Ring size: 6 1/5″; ring is 1/2″ x 3/4″.

Hot Topic - R2-D2 flat enamel ring Hot Topic - R2-D2 flat enamel ring

Hot Topic - R2-D2 stud earrings Hot Topic - R2-D2 enamel pin

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