Prequel themed women’s apparel

Design By Humans - women's Jango Fett and Darth Maul t-shirts

To celebrate Prequel Appreciation Day, here’s a round up of some of the prequel-themed women’s Star Wars apparel and accessories available. As you can see, there isn’t as much available at the moment as there should be, due in part to the current promotion of ‘The Force Awakens’ as the newest film. I really hope that companies will soon offer more apparel and accessories from the prequels again, especially items that feature our favourite characters who get overlooked too often.

As well as licensed products, I’ve also included a few fan made finds, as there is a great range of prequel themed items from sources like Etsy. Fans realise the gap in the market, and are creating some great items featuring characters like Padme’ Amidala and Ahsoka Tano.

Her Universe – ships within the US and Canada

HUahsokalives1 heruniverse_ahsokasjourneytshirt1 heruniverse_ahsoka_vader_tee

Thinkgeek – ships worldwide

Design By Humans – ships worldwide

designbyhumans_jangofetttshirt designbyhumans_darthmaulemergestshirt designbyhumans_darthmaulgrungetshirt

Fifth Sun – ships within the US

fifthsun_skywalkernouveautshirt fifthsun_queenamidalavnecktshirt fifthsun_darthmaultshirt

Entertainment Earth – ships worldwide

MALAIKARAISS – ships worldwide – shipping policies vary by seller

Beep Boop Beep Clothing – ships worldwide (fan made)

beepboopbeep_padmetshirt beepboopbeep_padmetanktop

Etsy – shipping policies vary by seller (fan made)

etsy_lakesideleggings etsy_snipsleggings etsy_ahsokatanobodycondress

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