New R2-D2 necklace and tank top at Thinkgeek

Thinkgeek - 'Dancing' R2-D2 necklace

Thinkgeek has two new women’s Star Wars items available – a ‘dancing’ R2-D2 necklace, and a Mandalorian-themed tank top. The necklace features a silver-tone rhodium 3D R2-D2 pendant with moveable legs that can swing/dance when moving! The women’s heather navy racerback tank top features a Mandalorian theme, with a helmet and crossed blasters print above the text ‘No Threats – Only Promises’. The necklace is priced at US$19.99 each, while the tank top is priced at US$24.99 each (available in sizes S to XL) – Thinkgeek can ship internationally.

While the listing doesn’t mention it, I believe the R2-D2 necklace is made by Love And Madness, as the other necklace in the photo is one of their signature styles. They have released the ‘dancing’ R2-D2 necklace earlier, with an added stone detail (as seen here on Instagram) that doesn’t appear on the version sold by Thinkgeek.

Thinkgeek - 'Dancing' R2-D2 necklace

Thinkgeek - 'No Threats' women's tank top

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