New Death Star jewelry set

Thinkgeek has added a great new range of Death Star jewelry to their website. The range includes a necklace, ring and stud earrings, that match the earlier Death Star dangle earrings also available from Thinkgeek. Each piece features the Death Star with a rhinestone in place of the superlaser, a lovely touch of sparkle. The ring is available in sizes 6, 7 and 8, though the size 8 won’t be available for approximately 6-9 weeks. The stud earrings are priced at only US$14.99 a set, while the necklace and ring are priced at US$29.99 each – Thinkgeek can ship internationally.

Shop the Death Star jewelry range at Thinkgeek

Thinkgeek - Death Star necklace Thinkgeek - Death Star ring Thinkgeek - Death Star stud earrings

Thinkgeek - Death Star jewelry range Thinkgeek - Death Star stud earrings and ring

Photos sourced from and belong to Thinkgeek.