New Black Squadron themed necklaces

Amazon - Black Squadron themed necklaces

There are 2 new Star Wars Black Squadron necklaces available on Amazon, with a great Poe Dameron theme. The first necklace features 2 pendants – one of a black and orange X-Wing fighter, and another slender pendant with a cut-out of the Resistance symbol. The second necklace features a Resistance symbol pendant, with white and orange details.

There are not many licensed Poe Dameron themed accessories available, so it’s great to see the distinctive black and orange of his Resistance X-Wing Squadron used for jewelry! My favourite is the X-Wing necklace, though I would probably remove the additional pendant to wear separately.

The necklaces are both priced just over US$14 each from Amazon seller Animewild (they can ship internationally), and slightly higher from several other sellers.

Amazon - Black Squadron X-Wing necklace Amazon - Black Squadron Rebel Logo necklace

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