New Bioworld Poe Dameron wallet!

New Bioworld Poe Dameron wallet!

Bioworld has released another preview photo, this time revealing a new wallet! The photo shows the Poe Dameron dome bag, inspired by the Resistance pilot’s helmet from The Force Awakens – along with a matching wallet! The bag was released back in August last year, but this is the first I’ve seen of the matching wallet!

Based on a comment on the photo, this wallet may be a vendor exclusive, as it is not available on the Bioworld wholesale site – or perhaps it is still not released yet. Either way, I hope this will be available online soon, it’s gorgeous! I would expect the wallet to have a similar price tag to other Bioworld Star Wars wallets, which retail for around US$15 to US$26 each. If you know any details about where to buy this wallet, please let me know 🙂

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Star Wars Poe Dameron handbag and matching wallet made by Bioworld

Photo sourced from and belongs to Bioworld.