New BB-8 jewelry at Thinkgeek

Thinkgeek has two new items of BB-8 jewelry available. The first is gold tone version of the BB-8 necklace by Han Cholo – this version is exclusive to Thinkgeek (the regular version is silver toned). Made from stainless steel, the pendant features onyx stones and hangs on a 20″ chain with a 4″ extender. The BB-8 necklace is priced at US$59.99 each – the silver tone stainless steel version is priced at US$55.00 direct from Han Cholo. The second new BB-8 jewelry item is the stainless steel 3D BB-8 stud earrings made by Body Vibe – they match the 3D BB-8 necklace also available at Thinkgeek. The BB-8 stud earrings are priced at US$29.99 – Thinkgeek can ship internationally.

Thinkgeek - Han Cholo gold BB-8 necklace Thinkgeek - Han Cholo gold BB-8 necklace Thinkgeek - Body Vibe 3D BB-8 stud earrings

Photos sourced from and belong to Thinkgeek.