New arrivals at Macy’s

Macy’s has added several new women’s Star Wars items to their website. The newly added range includes several sweatshirts made by Freeze 24-7, and the I Am Han t-shirt made by We Love Fine (read my earlier review here). Some of items are currently only available in selected sizes, unfortunately there isn’t any indication of whether the other sizes will be coming soon or not. Macy’s can ship internationally (on-line orders can only be sent to the billing address). Item sizes currently available and prices are listed below –

  • We Love Fine Han Solo t-shirt – sizes XL, XXL – US$24.00
  • Freeze 24-7 characters sweatshirt – sizes M, L, XL – US$34.00
  • Freeze 24-7 red sweatshirt – sizes S, M, L, XL – US$34.00
  • Freeze 24-7 sequin sweatshirt – sizes S, M, XL – US$34.00
  • Freeze 24-7 foil intro t-shirt – sizes XS-XL – US$24.00

Shop the new women’s Star Wars apparel at Macy’s

Macy's - women's I Am Han t-shirt by We Love Fine Macy's - women's character sweatshirt by Freeze 24-7 Macy's - women's character red sweatshirt by Freeze 24-7

Macy's - women's sequin Darth Vader sweatshirt by Freeze 24-7 Macy's - women's foil intro t-shirt by Freeze 24-7

Photos sourced from and belong to Macy’s.