Marnova x Star Wars

Indonesian company Marnova has revealed an upcoming Star Wars collection of footwear and bags. There were several items on display at the recent Indonesia Comic Con, including C-3PO shoes and matching handbag, R2-D2 shoes and matching tote bag, and Darth Vader shoes and matching bag. Other images posted to the Marnova Instagram account include a Boba Fett design in progress, Chewbacca backpack, Boba Fett shoes and matching bag, and Stormtrooper shoes and matching bag. I am not sure how many of the footwear styles will be made in women’s sizes, or whether the range will be able to be purchased by overseas customers. The company primarily manufacturers items in leather, snake skin and reptile skin – as a price guide, a pair of python skin high heels currently available on their website is priced at Rp 2,400,000 – or approximately US$176.08. Attendees at Indonesia Comic Con could pre-order items, with an estimated delivery date around the first week of December.

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Marnova x Star Wars display at Indonesia Comic Con Marnova x Star Wars - Boba Fett item in progress

Marnova x Star Wars at Indonesia Comic Con Marnova x Star Wars display at Indonesia Comic Con

Photos sourced from and belong to Marnova.