MALAIKA RAISS x Star Wars Jewelry

Malaika Raiss x Star Wars Jewelry

German designer MALAIKA RAISS has launched a Star Wars jewelry collection, now available for pre-order. The line includes necklaces, earrings and rings, with Original Trilogy designs and even one Prequel Trilogy design – a Naboo Starfighter necklace!

Prices range from €49.00 to €930.00 (approximately US$53.33 to US$1012.49) – all items are gold plated, while the higher priced items are solid 18ct gold. It is great to see more designers releasing Star Wars collections like this – the cut out designs are simple and elegant.

All items will be in stock and ready to ship 12th November (the solid gold items are custom made and so take 4 weeks to make and ship) – MALAIKARAISS can ship internationally.

Established in 2010 MALAIKARAISS stands for sophisticated yet casual women´s wear with a fun-feminine twist. With great attention to detail, Malaika and her passionate team create contemporary ready-to-wear and accessories. Over the past two seasons, high-end fashion jewellery has become a major part of the collection. The fragile designs developed into real bestsellers.

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MALAIKARAISS - Star Wars jewelry collection advert MALAIKARAISS - Star Wars jewelry collection advert MALAIKARAISS - Millennium Falcon necklace

MALAIKARAISS - Chewbacca necklace MALAIKARAISS - C-3PO necklace MALAIKARAISS - Yoda necklace

MALAIKARAISS - Stormtrooper necklace MALAIKARAISS - C-3PO necklace (full figure) MALAIKARAISS - R2-D2 necklace

MALAIKARAISS - Darth Vader necklace MALAIKARAISS - Imperial Shuttle stud earrings (large) MALAIKARAISS - Imperial Shuttle stud earrings (small)

MALAIKARAISS - Imperial Shuttle necklace MALAIKARAISS - X-Wing Fighter necklace MALAIKARAISS - Naboo Starfighter necklace

MALAIKARAISS - TIE Fighter necklace MALAIKARAISS - Death Star ring MALAIKARAISS - Death Star necklace and ring

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